Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Back!

Gosh, thanks so much to all of you who are still checking my blog after a month of absolutely nothing. I have many excuses as to where I've why not explain with....


10. There was the 4th of July....which was fab because weirdly we had cloud cover. I took these completely fabulous pictures at the Stadium of Fire. Both my sister and Vanessa blogged about this so if for whatever reason you are interested in reading more, click those links. It was fun but it was like 20 days ago so whatevs. :)

9. A couple weeks ago I had my first root canal. I mean the horror stories I've heard about these througout my life are terrifying!!! And so I want to let you know that no matter where you live, if you need a root canal, Paul Creer in Orem is seriously a dream! It would be worth the plane ticket! From the minute the needle hit my gums...I was in heaven! The pain was gone--he even gave me some heavy meds which I never even needed! (I'll just save those for another day--j/k Elton!)

8. The Joneses are back--bye bye Paris (sniff sniff) and hello desert! They're here for a month or so and will be staying here at some point so I've been trying to get my little mess partially presentable.

7. Emma--my darling little friend from New Zealand is arriving on Saturday so I've been getting the Midway house ready for this weekend's retreat. OK that's a weak excuse--I guess I just wanted to talk about my upcoming for an update the first part of August.

6. My car. I hate it when cars don't work. I feel as helpless as I do when my computer won't work. And I just love to be treated like a complete idiot by people who are less educated than me....but i digress. So my car went to get fixed 3 different times and is finally better. It was overheating....which brings me to.....

5. The summer. This is the only excuse I have that covers the entire last month. It's hot and I hate it!!! It makes me moody and lazy. (sigh) Is it Sept 1 yet?

4. Movies...not only did I just finish watching Band of Brothers again (it's just soooooooo unbelievable I can't properly explain--you seriously just have to watch it!!! It makes me appreciate so many things in my cushy, happy, American life), but I also saw MAMMA MIA last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo much fun!!!! Can't wait to see it again!!

3. QT w/my sweeties. We've had some good times as of late w/sleepovers and boating and such. Very busy times.

2. Convention. It's next week. We are busy. I'm excited. No actually I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

1. SYTYCD--only 2 weeks left (sooooooooooooooo sad!). Tonight was awesome and I voted for Twitch (not a big surprise there). I am really starting to like all of them and can't really tell who will be the winner....

That's about the most of it! Would love to hear what you've been doing for the past month. Oh and I've been tagged a couple times now so I'll get to those asap, I promise!!!