Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: Shows I am watching thanks to the strike!

Vanessa and I just decided to do Top Ten Tuesday....and what better topic is there than all the lame shows we are watching thanks to the strike!! Feel free to blog your own list or tell me what lame ones you are watching. Seriously--when is this madness going to end?

10. Brett Michaels: Rock of Love. This is #10 not b/c it is the lamest....I would be watching it anyway w/out the strike b/c it's probably the most entertaining trainwreck of trash I've ever layed eyes on!!! I'm posting it here b/c I'm pretty sure this never would've gone for round 2 if it weren't for the strike! (so in the end--maybe the strike is a good thing?)

9. The Biggest Loser. This in fact is my fave reality show of all time....but I am currently watching every rerun (and there are a lot) on the Style network, Bravo, etc. I'm rewatching them even. I can only credit that to the strike b/c a sane person wouldn't do that!

8. Miss America Reality Check. Not only did I record the whole series, but I am NOW watching it--after Miss America has already been crowned (now that's desperate!)

7. Political Shows. I've turned over a new leaf......YEAH RIGHT even a year long strike couldn't get me to tune in to these shows! Notice how I don't even know the names of any of them?!

6. Cooking shows. (sorry Hill!) I don't cook. I don't like these shows. Yet I watch....

5. CSI: Miami. I NEVER watch CSI or L&Order or any variation of these that ever was. I've seen 2 full episodes of this show now. I need help!

4. VH1 Top 20 Countdown. I don't even know why I recorded this.....I guess I just felt I needed to get back in touch w/my MTV obsessed roots. In the end there were some good ones though! :)

3. Celebrity Apprentice. Um...wait--I think they got the wrong name for this show. Seems like "My Life on the D-List Apprentice" would be more appropriate.

2. Deal or No Deal. I HATE THIS SHOW. I think it is the damn stupidest bit of drama that ever was. And I actually watched a full show. :(

1. American Gladiators. I can't find words to explain this! Really, it's just too stupid!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matt & Vanessa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! Well really it was Friday which is technically two days ago but I thought it was the 26th and so even though I was late, I was later than i thought. So I had to do a quick shout out anyway b/c I forgot to call you today.....and forgot the right day too! duh! :(
Favorite moments w/Matt are many---here are just a few that are at the top of my list:
  1. Xanadu, Philly, NYC & day club in DC this past September (including introducing me to Friday Night Lights--THANK YOU!)
  2. Seeing Willy Wonka in SLC Oct 06
  3. Countless pop culture phone calls and texts
  4. Watching the American Dreams pilot together

Here's a pic of us at VYNL in NYC. Matt, Brandon, Me & Amanda. Hope your b-day was the best yet!!

In other news, tonight Vanessa and I did blogarama (according to my sister), or in other words, you can see that V helped me pretty up my blog a bit--isn't it awesome?!?! She'll help you too for a small fee. :) It was a fun night w/the Schmidts--Leann included. Thanks so much for your help and ideas, V!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

i heart u!

Last night I wanted to make an "i heart u" card. In the end I loved it so much that I made a bunch more! I put the following things together and voila:

  • The template that was on the cover of our Spring/Summer Preview Brochure
  • One of Stampin' Up!s new packs of designer series paper.....which gave me my color scheme
  • And of course I had to use a little glitter because we have tons in the new catalog!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Palm Springs

No, I am not deathly ill--thanks to those of you who have expressed words of concern. :) It turns out that it has just been a pretty busy month for me so far. If this is any indication--it's January 19 and my Christmas tree is still up.

Anyway the root of my busy-ness was my business trip--we had our big January show which was all last week in Palm Springs. Being a cold weather person, I had low expectations for this locale and so I was very pleased to have such a wonderful week in 70 degree weather, with just the right amount of everything. :) Actually though I never really saw the light of day except through the convention center windows. But this was my favorite event to date.....it was pretty much perfect. Here are a few highlights:

The first day of the event, several of us did demonstration booths. This was mine--an example of how to organize your stamping stuff. It was 6 hours of straight talking that truly flew by because I was surrounded by the coolest people in the world!!

Day 2 is not only the first day of classes, but also the first day of prize patrol! This is a pic of me, Whitney & Lisa. I love this pic b/c of how happy and excited we look!

The 3rd and final day was also filled w/classes, prize patrol and many many other fabulous moments! Here's me and Lisa right before the last general session.

And then we did dinner at Ruby's Diner which was a delish 50s joint--we sat outside under the heaters while sipping malts! haha It was such a fun night. The first pic is me, Carrie & Selma....

And Amanda, Linda & Karah.

And that was about it. My description hasn't done the event justice--maybe I'm a little out of blogging practice. :( It was truly the funnest week.

Anyway one last pic...on Jan 5th, Lindsey went w/me to my work winter party. It was at the Grand America with pretty much the best food I've ever eaten--plus everyone was dressed in black & white (such a cool effect to look out over the entire room). The entertainment was dueling piano players who knew every song ever written! So here we are....

....and we sat next to the Winders so here they are....