Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't cover it up!!

Today, my fabulous friend Jill was telling me about someone who has such a hot body, she thinks it's a crying shame for him to ever wear a shirt!!!

Is that such an amazing concept or what?!?!

So of course I started thinking--what is my feature that is a crying shame to cover up?
And the answer is: MY HAIR!!

I have often said that I don't wear hats very much because I'm a hairdresser so I never have a bad hair day. But today I'm realizing that I just don't like to cover up my hair!

So I asked Jaron: what is your feature that is a shame to cover up? And do you know what he said?

HIS BOOTY!!!! hahaha

Anais is here for Thanksgiving and we just decided that hers is her EYES!!!
Don't you agree?

OK so OUT WITH IT!!! What is your feature that is a total shame to hide??? And don't you dare say "I don't have one" because YOU DO!!! If you can't figure it out, let me know and I'll tell you what it is. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goodbye to an Era

On Friday, I had a sad moment when I learned that MTV's TRL was CANCELED (Thanks for breaking it to me gently, Vanessa)! And even though I haven't been watching it for years, I will always love it b/c it changed my life. No--I'm not exaggerating! I mean who else can say they've spent 6 hours w/all 5 of the Backstreet Boys & Carson Daly? Yeah, that's what I thought. :) Not to mention my darling friend Erin--we never would've met if it weren't for this show!!

TRL is the American Bandstand of my "generation." How could it just be over? I thought video killed the radio star? Are we doomed to a life of the Hills and Real World/Road Rules challenges?

I had a great laugh at this video which is sort of a tribute and sort of a mockery....enjoy!

Farewell my beloved TRL! I'll forever be grateful for all the unforgettable experiences!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Ecards

Awhile back, Christy sent me the funniest ecard from Some Ecards. I go to this site when I want to have a good laugh (warning: you may find some of the cards offensive! View at your own risk!)
So this is the one that just caused me the biggest laugh....probably because for me it is absolutely true! hahahaha And one more I just couldnt' resist posting....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Virginia Beach

Last weekend was my last business trip of the autumn...and it was to Virginia Beach. So it was back to the former homeland for me! Oh how I love that state!!

I managed to take 2, yes just 2 pictures in that 4 day period. Which would be normal for 4 non-traveling days.

But never fear, the 2 photos were certainly QUALITY!

Photo #1: Possibly the most delicious mexican food I've ever had!! You can see I had a feeling about the meal since I snapped this beforehand!

Photo #2: Again at meal-time....Sunday morning breakfast. This is a salt bagel. YUM!! I really can't find these anywhere in Utah anymore. :(
The event was the greatest! It's just so much fun to be around demonstrators!! And I met Robin Merriman for the first time--she is soooooooo lovely! (If you're a samper, you'll want to bookmark her blog b/c she posts new and awesome ideas all the time!!)

Robin took this picture--well actually we did. She's a demonstrator and we have a mutal friend in common (Karah CC).

But really the best thing about the trip was that Christy drove down from DC to visit. We had such a nice time catching up, testing out restaurants, and visitng Borders. It was a blast and I can't wait til she gets here in 2 weeks!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo Tag

Ok I never do tags unless my name is listed specifically. Buuuut.......this one caused me such joy and elation that I couldnt resist. Vanessa was the first one I saw to do this....you pick the fourth folder, fourth photo in your My Photos or wherever you keep your photos on your computer.

The happiness came for me when this 4th and 4th photo was one that I sneaked at my work party last January!!! I mean I sneaked the photo--I can't very well put it up here now, can I! :) So I'll put this one instead b/c it was 3rd.... Yeah it's a horrible picture...it's my department singing Let it Snow. So since you can't see anything I'll put a pic of me and my date also.....

I know this post might be unsatisfying for some of you so if you want to peek at my sneaked pic let me know and I'll send it to you. :) I'm tagging everyone!! If you are my friend and you are reading this then I tag you and want you to put this on your blog!!!

UPDATE! Since posting this, I realized that Lisa tagged me for this same game in this post. So...I thought I would also do the 4th and 4th photo on my work computer.

Lindsey holding our little Mikey--this was Christmas 2004. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jackson, Mississippi

On Halloween, I got to go to the South!! Jackson Mississippi!! I was looking forward to it so much and it did not disappoint one bit! This trip was a little different than the ones I usually go on--it was a small event and it was just me and one co-worker making the trip: Linda!

Not only was the city just beautiful, and filled w/beautiful southern-style buildings....

Mississippi State Capitol Building

Governor's Mansion

Random plantation house across the street from the hotel!

But the hotel was just amazing too!!!
It was filled w/huge, beautiful paintings like this one... As usual, the event was just so wonderful!! Linda and I had the grandest time all around. And one of the best parts was going to a delicious dinner w/a bunch of awesome demos from Louisiana! :) Good food, good company, good time!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Even though I was on a plane on Halloween, I still got to celebrate by dressing up the day before! And now that it is like mid-November, I've missed all the Halloween-reminiscing parties....but my sched lately hasn't allowed for much blogging.

Anyway I loved the "team spirit" that my department showed! We each chose our own themed vampire....the day was so much fun!
Here's my team....imagine sitting on a row w/all of these blood-suckers all day long! Here are some close-ups....

Glam-pire (Linda)

Dracula's Bride (Carrie)

Punk-pire (Jaron)

Fire-pire (Donna)

Cheer-acula (Lori)

Countess Disco-la (ok seriously this is the most frightening picture! But Halloween is all about being scary, right?)

Stamp-pire & Witch-ula (Pam & Selma)

Jock-ula (Lindsie)

Trampire (Donna M)

Dr. Acula (Christina)

Vam-pirate (Bonnie)

Cop-ula. Francis Ford Cop-ula. (Ben)

Volcom-pire. Cheers! (Angie)

And a darling little witch (Lisa).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Witches Night Out

This was my first time going to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. IT WAS SO FUN! I can't wait til next year and am already contemplating what my witch costume will be.

So just in case you want to go next year, here are the Do's and Don't of Witches Night Out (thanks LeAnn, for brainstorming this list w/me!):

DO: Overdo on the makeup...and wear a wig!!!
DON'T: Wear normal clothes and then just put a witches hat on...

Do: Dress up your witches hat w/all kinds of cool crap!

And my personal fave....

DON'T: Let your booty hang out of your candy corn skirt.

DO: Put on stilts and lurk around dark corners...

DO: Dress up like ABBA witches--and dance like them too!

And one more DO: Strike the Charlie's Angels pose w/your friends (since that is the WNO theme/logo)...