Friday, November 14, 2008

Virginia Beach

Last weekend was my last business trip of the autumn...and it was to Virginia Beach. So it was back to the former homeland for me! Oh how I love that state!!

I managed to take 2, yes just 2 pictures in that 4 day period. Which would be normal for 4 non-traveling days.

But never fear, the 2 photos were certainly QUALITY!

Photo #1: Possibly the most delicious mexican food I've ever had!! You can see I had a feeling about the meal since I snapped this beforehand!

Photo #2: Again at meal-time....Sunday morning breakfast. This is a salt bagel. YUM!! I really can't find these anywhere in Utah anymore. :(
The event was the greatest! It's just so much fun to be around demonstrators!! And I met Robin Merriman for the first time--she is soooooooo lovely! (If you're a samper, you'll want to bookmark her blog b/c she posts new and awesome ideas all the time!!)

Robin took this picture--well actually we did. She's a demonstrator and we have a mutal friend in common (Karah CC).

But really the best thing about the trip was that Christy drove down from DC to visit. We had such a nice time catching up, testing out restaurants, and visitng Borders. It was a blast and I can't wait til she gets here in 2 weeks!!!

3 brilliant comments:

Vanessa said...

Once again. . .you have the best job ever. Love the gnome!

kkcc said...

Das right you have a mutual friend. :)

She's rad to the max, and same goes for you.

Robin Merriman said...

Hey Chicka! I love that we got to meet - finally - you are so FUN and what a creative GEEnius! Love the picture of us, but that mexican food looks quite yumm! Sorry you didn't get the ice cream - but there is always next time! Hug KC for me!