Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book #5

8 months have gone by....and I've only read 5 books!!! Good thing my travel season is coming up....lots of time to read on planes!

Anyway today I finished The Postmistress. I am still pretty mixed about this one and am not sure what to say. It was another WWII book and there were parts that were soooooo sad! There were definitely some really beautiful parts and overall I really liked the way the writer described things--gave me an amazing mental picture of what was going on. But the ending left me very unsatisfied. I'm not even sure how I wanted the book to end--I just know that it left me feeling sad and a little bit empty.

However, I don't regret reading it--I thought it was very interesting.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Top 5

Did you know yesterday was 8-9-10?! That is awesome!! Turns out it was also a great day to cut my hair off! Will post a pic as soon as I can talk someone into taking one. :)

Anyway I just had to take a second for my SUMMER 2010 TOP 5....or in other words, 5 reasons that I'm glad it's summer (pretty much the only 5 reasons!).....

#5: So You Think You Can Dance!!!

I haven't cared for many of the contestants this year....who cares about them when so many of my favorites are back!!! Seriously I love the all stars!!

#4: Rescue Me

I actually gave this show up...but it turns out alcohol is not the only thing that can be an addiction. :)

#3: Drop Dead Diva

Oh my goodness I love this show sooooooo much!!!! A few weeks ago it was hands down my favorite....but that was before I rediscovered #2 and discovered #1....

#2: Mad Men

The picture pretty much says it good heavens this show is so unvelievable!!!
Seriously this might be the best show of all time. OK it won't ever beat out ALIAS but every week it leaves me thinking "How is it possible to make a show this good??" At the end of season 3 I thought they should get out while the gettin' was good--I usually hate it when shows reinvent themselves. But HOLY COW I cannot believe how it is head and shoulders better than itself. AMAZING!

I struggled over putting this one at #1 or #2. In the end I gave it the #2 spot because after watching an episode of Covert Affairs, I feel happy. And at the end of a Mad Men epi I find myself wanting to jump off a buliding. haha

#1: Covert Affairs

I was a SERIOUS skeptic because I didn't want a show replacing my beloved ALIAS. But I am happy to report that my ALIAS void has really been filled!!!
Last week's epi was sooooo good I've watched it 3 times!!! Trust me and check it out....what the hell else do you have to do at 11pm on a Tuesday night? Even you summer lovers can't be out in the sun at that time of day! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

U.S. Convention

Thank you to Tracey Roy who sent me & Donna this pic of our fun Flower Power party at Convention. It was seroiusly so much fun!!! But then I always love a good costume party!
And once again I must beg for pictures from Convention. I really have to get a new camera sooner than later!! But if you have some cute pictures that you think I might like or would look cute on my blog, please send them to me:

In other news, my baby sis graduated from massage therapy school tonight. Not only does she give the best massage ever but she also graduated with a 4.0! Hello!!! So I whipped up this cute card for her special Congraduations.....WAY TO GO POP!
I swear I will never get enough of Artistic's definitely my new "desert island" stamp better NEVER retire!!!