Thursday, August 5, 2010

U.S. Convention

Thank you to Tracey Roy who sent me & Donna this pic of our fun Flower Power party at Convention. It was seroiusly so much fun!!! But then I always love a good costume party!
And once again I must beg for pictures from Convention. I really have to get a new camera sooner than later!! But if you have some cute pictures that you think I might like or would look cute on my blog, please send them to me:

In other news, my baby sis graduated from massage therapy school tonight. Not only does she give the best massage ever but she also graduated with a 4.0! Hello!!! So I whipped up this cute card for her special Congraduations.....WAY TO GO POP!
I swear I will never get enough of Artistic's definitely my new "desert island" stamp better NEVER retire!!!

4 brilliant comments:

Robin Merriman said...

Seriously! LOVE this card - congrats to your sis and I'll be casing this one for sure!
So good to spend a few with you on Monday - it's never enough time though! :)
Have a fab weekend and I'll see you in September!

Jen, RN said...

Love the hippie look on you Shannon-it's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Cute card!


Cindy Major said...

Cool use of the new stuff!! Love those antique brads and the new lace, and the Newsprint DSP is my new "desert island" patterned paper...

Look at you, all decked out in 70s gear! I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it in person.


P.S. My portfolio left for Utah at the beginning of the week.