Monday, October 25, 2010

Last 7 weeks

I've been on 6 business trips in the last 7 weeks. It's been amazing. But I am tired and ready to sleep. Oh yeah--I already have been pretty much since I stepped off the plane! Anyway here are a few pics from things, not just business trips, that have been going on in the last little bit....please ignore my stupid phone pictures--I hope you can click on them and make them bigger if you wanna...

Times Square....SO AMAZING!!
I took a few days off after the Book-a-thon and it was UEA so we all...sisters, kids and friends...went to McD's one day for lunch. Does this look like awesome fun or what?!?!
I am my father's daughter so I snapped a picture of the South Carolina Capitol building whilst we buzzed by it in the cab one day...
Annual trip to Lagoon (or "The Magoon) as Chaz is still calling was Frightmares which was so awesome!!
We've been doing Paper, Pad & Marker at Regionals this fall....I love seeing all the colors like this....
Stamping SWAG!!! I went to an awesome event when in Canada and this is all the swag I took home with much fun!!!
Also got to go to Niagra Falls for the first time...
Beef anyone? Texans know how to BBQ right!
And I bought a new couch!!!!! Stay tuned (ok check back in a few months actually b/c it is going to take me awhile) for a complete makeover of my house!! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unbelievable Autumn

And finally the weather is turning!!! Why is everything so much better in Autumn? Music sounds cooler. Food tastes better. Clothes are cuter. TV is unbelievable. I am happier.

NYC in Autumn is pretty much the best ever. And I was there this past Sunday and Monday. Sadly the leaves hadn't turned, but I assure you the weather was truly amazing!!!

And these are the crappy pics that I get w/my phone....must add camera to my Christmas list. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book #7

You can probably already tell how much I liked this book by how quickly I read it. I was sucked into it literally from the first page. It's surprising, shocking, evil, naughty, devastating and sweet all rolled into one. There were so many surprising things throughout, I expected the ending to be a little more WOW in some way and it just fizzled out. Kind of a bummer for a book that I found 90% of to be so incredibly fascinating!

Would I recommend it? It is really different so I am not sure I could pinpoint would like it. However, if you decide to read too many reviews before reading the book, it may ruin all the twists and turns.

I finished it last night and I am already looking back on it with a "that was awesome" feeling.

7 down; 5 to go...