Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book #7

You can probably already tell how much I liked this book by how quickly I read it. I was sucked into it literally from the first page. It's surprising, shocking, evil, naughty, devastating and sweet all rolled into one. There were so many surprising things throughout, I expected the ending to be a little more WOW in some way and it just fizzled out. Kind of a bummer for a book that I found 90% of to be so incredibly fascinating!

Would I recommend it? It is really different so I am not sure I could pinpoint would like it. However, if you decide to read too many reviews before reading the book, it may ruin all the twists and turns.

I finished it last night and I am already looking back on it with a "that was awesome" feeling.

7 down; 5 to go...

3 brilliant comments:

Angie said...

Is that the one where he advertises for a wife?

Cindy Major said...

I'll had this one to my reading list :D

If you are still looking for interesting reads, I have finished "Still Alice" in three evenings. I litterally could not put it down and read until 2 a.m. even though I was working the next day... *blush* My upline Marlayne has read it and loved it as well.


Anonymous said...

that was a weird book!! I read that too & weird!!