Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book #5

8 months have gone by....and I've only read 5 books!!! Good thing my travel season is coming up....lots of time to read on planes!

Anyway today I finished The Postmistress. I am still pretty mixed about this one and am not sure what to say. It was another WWII book and there were parts that were soooooo sad! There were definitely some really beautiful parts and overall I really liked the way the writer described things--gave me an amazing mental picture of what was going on. But the ending left me very unsatisfied. I'm not even sure how I wanted the book to end--I just know that it left me feeling sad and a little bit empty.

However, I don't regret reading it--I thought it was very interesting.

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Jeanelle said...

For some reason, I just have an issue with reading historical fiction. Not sure why... Glad you're still reading - I'm trying to catch up with you! Oh and I registered for Friday in Portland. Dinner Friday night??? My friend & upline Boni will probably come with us.