Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Even though I was on a plane on Halloween, I still got to celebrate by dressing up the day before! And now that it is like mid-November, I've missed all the Halloween-reminiscing parties....but my sched lately hasn't allowed for much blogging.

Anyway I loved the "team spirit" that my department showed! We each chose our own themed vampire....the day was so much fun!
Here's my team....imagine sitting on a row w/all of these blood-suckers all day long! Here are some close-ups....

Glam-pire (Linda)

Dracula's Bride (Carrie)

Punk-pire (Jaron)

Fire-pire (Donna)

Cheer-acula (Lori)

Countess Disco-la (ok seriously this is the most frightening picture! But Halloween is all about being scary, right?)

Stamp-pire & Witch-ula (Pam & Selma)

Jock-ula (Lindsie)

Trampire (Donna M)

Dr. Acula (Christina)

Vam-pirate (Bonnie)

Cop-ula. Francis Ford Cop-ula. (Ben)

Volcom-pire. Cheers! (Angie)

And a darling little witch (Lisa).

4 brilliant comments:

Amylouwho said...

Shannon!! These are hilarious!! And I love your wig!

What fun it must be too work with such creative people!

Vanessa said...

As I have said on all the 580 Halloween posts before this one. . .You look amazing!!!! Love the hair. And good job to all your team members for dressing up! Who wouldn't want to dress up at such a fun workplace???

Punk-pire. . .thats funny, and freaking me out.

LeAnn said...

such creative vampires--and the names, so cool! You look awesome, love that hair!

Laurie P. said...

Your wig is AWESOME! My next favorite (after you of course) is Ben!!! Mmmmm, the uniform, stache and glasses... say my name man! It's Laurie.. In case you didn't know. Call me anytime.