Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: Shows I am watching thanks to the strike!

Vanessa and I just decided to do Top Ten Tuesday....and what better topic is there than all the lame shows we are watching thanks to the strike!! Feel free to blog your own list or tell me what lame ones you are watching. Seriously--when is this madness going to end?

10. Brett Michaels: Rock of Love. This is #10 not b/c it is the lamest....I would be watching it anyway w/out the strike b/c it's probably the most entertaining trainwreck of trash I've ever layed eyes on!!! I'm posting it here b/c I'm pretty sure this never would've gone for round 2 if it weren't for the strike! (so in the end--maybe the strike is a good thing?)

9. The Biggest Loser. This in fact is my fave reality show of all time....but I am currently watching every rerun (and there are a lot) on the Style network, Bravo, etc. I'm rewatching them even. I can only credit that to the strike b/c a sane person wouldn't do that!

8. Miss America Reality Check. Not only did I record the whole series, but I am NOW watching it--after Miss America has already been crowned (now that's desperate!)

7. Political Shows. I've turned over a new leaf......YEAH RIGHT even a year long strike couldn't get me to tune in to these shows! Notice how I don't even know the names of any of them?!

6. Cooking shows. (sorry Hill!) I don't cook. I don't like these shows. Yet I watch....

5. CSI: Miami. I NEVER watch CSI or L&Order or any variation of these that ever was. I've seen 2 full episodes of this show now. I need help!

4. VH1 Top 20 Countdown. I don't even know why I recorded this.....I guess I just felt I needed to get back in touch w/my MTV obsessed roots. In the end there were some good ones though! :)

3. Celebrity Apprentice. Um...wait--I think they got the wrong name for this show. Seems like "My Life on the D-List Apprentice" would be more appropriate.

2. Deal or No Deal. I HATE THIS SHOW. I think it is the damn stupidest bit of drama that ever was. And I actually watched a full show. :(

1. American Gladiators. I can't find words to explain this! Really, it's just too stupid!

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Paris Soul Mate said...

First who is Brett Michaels and what is the Rock of Love? More explanation please. Great top ten list. I think it is time to explore the many movies you have always meant to watch and never gotten around to it via your blockbuster or netflix membership. Might I recommend Paris, Je Taime? You will love it, because you love Paris.

Vanessa said...

SINA?? Really? I guess you are out of the country, so you wouldn't know that! It is pure trash, I can't even watch it for a second! (sorry Shan, I know you love it)

What a great list! I echo all of your thoughts on all of them. American Gladiators sucked in the 80's and still sucks now!

Shannon said...

sina--you are the 2nd person to recommend that movie to me this week so i guess i better get to it! :) maybe you could make a top ten of the best movies to watch when you don't have good tv!!

This and That at the Peterson's said...

I don't know Shannie, I think it's a flat out tie between you and V. Miss American, Gladiators, and the dreaded... Deal or No Deal. A favorite of Brayden's so I endure it. And I stress endure. Reevaluating my decision to have the family room next to the kitchen. I can't get away from Deal or No Deal!!!!!

Kimi D said...

Shannon! Remember the time that Meredith left for the weekend and we spent WAY too much time watching Jerry Springer?! I think I knew you were a kindred friend at that point. Were we still roommates, I'd be on the couch next to you through these very hard entertainment times.

Xs and Os

Hillary said...

Wow, that list sucks! Listen, I am going to say it again and again until you hear. GET BRAVO! Second I can't believe you won't watch Law and Order! CSI? That's kind of traitorish they totally copied L & O w/their concept anyway. Like I told Vanessa, Law and Order is da bomb cuz there are never ending re-runs on tons of channels and you've 20 years worth to watch not to mention that it's always "ripped from the headlines" plus there are still brand new ones on Wed nights and the new detective is Earl on Waitress, I love him!!

Hillary said...

One more thing, let's watch Paris, je Taime together while Lance is gone. Check out Courtney's blog from heapshome.blogspot.com interesting (you too Vanessa if you see this).