Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matt & Vanessa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! Well really it was Friday which is technically two days ago but I thought it was the 26th and so even though I was late, I was later than i thought. So I had to do a quick shout out anyway b/c I forgot to call you today.....and forgot the right day too! duh! :(
Favorite moments w/Matt are many---here are just a few that are at the top of my list:
  1. Xanadu, Philly, NYC & day club in DC this past September (including introducing me to Friday Night Lights--THANK YOU!)
  2. Seeing Willy Wonka in SLC Oct 06
  3. Countless pop culture phone calls and texts
  4. Watching the American Dreams pilot together

Here's a pic of us at VYNL in NYC. Matt, Brandon, Me & Amanda. Hope your b-day was the best yet!!

In other news, tonight Vanessa and I did blogarama (according to my sister), or in other words, you can see that V helped me pretty up my blog a bit--isn't it awesome?!?! She'll help you too for a small fee. :) It was a fun night w/the Schmidts--Leann included. Thanks so much for your help and ideas, V!!!

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FriscoFour said...

Okay, I'm in love with your new blogger background. It's so awesome. I tried out all different ones, but nothing ever really suited my fancy. So, I just ended up with something basic in the end. Anyway, I will make it my goal to get pics up of us and the house. That's assuming I can get it clean for the day. You need to do a show in Dallas so that we can post pics of us together on our blogs!

Vanessa said...

Wow, I'm still amazed at what we created! I just sit and stare at it like a big nerd! What a cute picture of us btw! And Happy Matt, sorry she didn't call you, we were blogging the night away and she remembered she was a bad friend and didn't call! hahaha!

Kade & Kendal's Mom said...

I agree...your blog is super cute! That Vanessa has some pretty sweet PhotoShopin' skills. Just wait til she completes her class @ Payson High...we will all be begging for her services.

Paris Soul Mate said...

Umm...were you at a Mardi Gras party with those beads?? And what exactly did you have to do to get them??--j/k

Anyways, great background and as always it is nice to be able to check on your blog and have new posts!

Anonymous said...

beeeeuwtiful blog! love it. and if you read this, matt, happy birthday! it was fun hanging out in nyc! ps. i love how white you are shannon (in this pic and in general). i saw part of some awards show last night and i saw my new favorite actress...juno girl....and she was totally white compared to all the fakely baked others! she is so cool. who says tan is better anyway? it's not.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Great job--Vanessa and Shannon! That is a very cute picture of both of you as well! Thanks for the shout out!


Heather said...

Your blog looks awesome! And you are the sweetest with tributes to your friends!

Tricia said...

the blog is looking GREAT!!!! and so are you!