Sunday, July 29, 2007

Me & My Blog

Ok so I finally decided to join the world of blogging....we'll see how this goes. I figure at least it can be a cool way to keep a journal. :)

I'm in Denver at Convention--it's Sunday (our only day off between sessions) and I am sitting in Shiloh's room waiting for her and Jaron to return.....and as I sit and wait and watch the clock tick and remember I have breakfast at 6am--the #1 thing I am happy about is the fact that this ghetto hotel gave us CD players so I can listen to Mika--which Shiloh bought at Virgin today after seeing him on SYTYCD last week. My fave song is #5: Relax (take it easy) which has snippets of music ripped from "I just died in your arms tonight"!!! No wonder it sounded so 80s!!!

Tomorrow we start session two--I will teach my watercoloring class 9 more times.....which will be awesome...but sad b/c Otto left today to go do a commercial...(sigh).

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