Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Session 2 is in session

Reporting again from Shiloh's room.....we are of course solving the world's problems.....which is not something I usually do this early in the evening. :)

Today was amazing:

  • 3 prize patrols

  • 3 watercolor classes

  • 1 new cameraman

  • 1 new Mika CD

  • 4 good friends at dinner at Hard Rock

  • 2 more days until convention depression sets in

  • 1 amazing conversation w/Bonnie Thurber

The major theme of the day though is the gaping hole that Otto has left behind.

(sigh) I have the best job in the world. I really do. I am lucky enough to be in the 2% of the population that loves their job w/out any "buts" attached.

2nd quote of the day (from Splitcoast): "I know Jaron told us about having an office at SU headquarters where he "stole" Shilo's emery board because it had cool colored stripes on it." The funny thing about this posting was Jaron was here, using a different emery board of Shiloh's when I read this outloud!!!! hahahahahaha

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Hedderg said...

Shantz, love this last photo of you! You do look a bit porn-starish!