Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance 4.2

Last week, I wanted to blog about SYTYCD so badly....but thought my card-making experience on Stamping Queens would satisfy that craving. Alas, it didn't even come close!!! (although you should totally go see how we used SYTYCD as inspiration for cards.)

So tonight I'm blogging. I'm simply going to list my favorite 3 dances of the night:

1. Chelsea & Thayne do Mandy Moore's forbidden love. WOW!!!!! Mandy is fast becoming my favorite choreographer. She created the most amazing combination of concept + costumes + dance moves + MUSIC!!! To put such an old concept like a king with old ballroom dance moves--and then speed them up, make them modern and add the coolest song ever.....that talks about forbidden love! As you can see I'm still a little overwhelmed by this one. Go watch it again and watch for all of this. I loved every little bit.....right down to Chelsea's ankle boot sandals. AMAZING!

2. Twitchington does Celine Dion. Love them both plus love this song. I guess I loved it from the second they started. And the truth is, when Mary cries, I usually cry because I usually agree w/her--Twitch totally did "partner like a real man out there"--especially compared to all the other guys!! (For the record, I only agree w/Mary when she cries though--nothing else really--especially not the way she dresses. YIKES that was somethin' tonight, wasn't it?!?). p.s. thanks for the HDTV Hill--the lipgloss doesn't even sparkle on my tv!

3. Torn between Gev & Courtney's contemporary (prob b/c of Mandy) and Matt & Kourtni's foxtrot (who forgot to comb out the fingerwaves???)

Early prediciton of bottom 3:
1. Comfort & Chris
2. Susie & Marquis
3. Jessica & Will (b/c I simply cannot believe it will be Chelsea & Thayne!!!!!)

The last thing I want to say is how bad I hated the judges tonight--especially Mia!!! I swear I used to think she was a lesbian but tonight she proved she totally hates women!! COME ON MIA!!! Every single couple--girls suck; guys "you're just ridiculous!" Except Comfort....she was good according to Mia....oh but of course so was Chris (were we watching the same crump?). Next week I am going to watch the dances twice in a row....and then fast forward through the judges! Unless Wade is a judge, of course! :)

2 brilliant comments:

Vanessa said...

When my 8 year old says that Mary is annoying, she must really be! I can't stand to watch her. And who is her stylist? They should be shot!

Loved Twitchington, and the Celine Dion song helped me to love it even more. I also really liked Chelsie H. and Mark's Argentine Tango. So disappointed with Susie's Tango! I was hoping for more!

Can't stand Mia either!

Spockwingdiamond said...

I finally posted! Commented about all this same stuff. Mia was a fave last season, I hate to be tote sexist but I'm hoping she was just OTR or something, I'd hate to think her personality is that biotchy all the time.

I'm glad Louis survivied the cut. Sad about Susie but somebody had to go I guess. It will be most interesting to see who comes out the winner! I'm betting one of the ridiculous, amazing guys, of course.

P.S. Mary's a complete prostitute in that outfit.