Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 13th

Yesterday I had the first normal Saturday that I've had in many was good to be back!! So it was filled w/a Zoey sleepover on Friday night, stamping in the morning, Einstein's for lunch w/3 Roses and Pop, Hobby Lobby and about an hour of being a Maxxinista! Then Zoey and I stamped for a few more hours...the perfect day!

Zoey's latest thing is covering journals, which she writes in during ever spare moment. She did this one almost completely unguided....I only had to contribute my glitter Mod Podge. :)

It scares me how old she looks in this picture. :(

Also, to make the day even more fabulous, the 13th of every month is my unlimited Diet Coke day!! How is that different from every other day, you may be asking? Well it's not really, except I just don't feel guilty for damaging my kidneys. So after 32 oz. of the Dark Bubblie @ Einsteins, and a refill, I snagged this one on my way home...

Even after all that (roughly 96 ounces), I still spent less than $4 on Diet Coke today. :) mmmm!