Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday: All I want for Christmas Is.....

Top Ten Tuesday is back! This weeks topic is all the things I want for Christmas....or at least 10 things that I want. Sina made her list too--although I haven't seen it yet b/c I don't want to taint my own choices. But I'm sure she has an awesome list so go take a look....

10. Ever since I read Twilight, I've wanted a black Mercedes like Carlisle Cullen. And since that's a bit out of my budget, I'll settle for a Mercury Milan.

9. Let's be honest--who doesn't want one of these? Well...most people already have one but to me it would be an amazing present!

8. I reeeaaaallly want a blue patent leather handbag....this one would do! :)

7. I want to get my craft room in order so I can stamp in there...and when I do, I'll need a TV/DVD player stand. But since it's an itty bitty room, I'll need this so I can mount them on the wall (work w/me here--totally lame picture but I'm sure you get the idea).

6. I would really love a chair for my living room. I've decided on a black and white one. This one is the wrong style, but I like the print.

5. Of course I want STAMPS!!! And w/our new catalog going live on January 1--there's a long list to choose from!

4. I really want some brown boots....and I love these!!!

3. My current suitcase now has square wheels so I need a new one....this is the one I found at TJ Maxx for an amazing price! :) Thanks Mom & Dad!

2. I have these 2 amazing purple lamps that need tables to sit on in my living room. I saw some at Tai Pan....and Ally got me a gift card so I can't wait to get them!

1. I'm getting a few new clothing items from Macy's and I am so excited!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! And...I'm wondering what's on your list?

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Paris Soul Mate said...

I love the new suitcase, but am totally jealous that you already have it!! Great list, and I will cross my fingers Santa checks blogs these seem like it would be more efficient than US Postal Services.