Monday, January 11, 2010

Italy etc.

There are still a few more things about Italy that I didn't get documented... funny things that I definitely want to remember....

This picture was up in our Rome hilarious b/c it was made of fabric and the medals, sunglasses and other details were stuck right on the canvas! They are the hotel owners. :)

The first day in Florence, Luciano & Luciana made us hot cocoa--which they had never made before. The first time I took a sip, I nearly choked!!! So after adding about 4 packets of sugar and a dollop of Nutella I was able to get it down.

The funny part came when they asked us how it tastes? Pope and I said "Oh it's great--thank you so much!" And then Luciano poured the remainder in a mug to give it a try...we were thinking "oh no now he will see how nasty it tastes!" But instead he just said "um...very good!" hahaha

But we had it every day anyway because it was endearing that they were willing to make it for us. :)

Naturally, Italian men are one of my favorite things!! Some might think they are more forward but I just think they are honest. :) haha Even the ones that had nothing to gain would still say things that would shock us.
This man wanted to be my slave....
...and I am not really sure why I didn't jump at that proposal!!

This man said his heart would never forget us....(seriously who says that kind of stuff?)
This man...well I call him my boss because he gave me a standing invitation to work for him...
And one last shot of Francesca....with Florence in view. :)

3 brilliant comments:

Lisa said...

Ah the men of Italy!! The man in the pizza place still cracks me up. He was so dang funny. Great Post!

Anonymous said...

haha. this just might be my fav italia post of yours...that hot chocolate memory kills me.


Cindy Major said...

hahaha, oh the things those European men will say!! It definitely throws us, doesn' it?