Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stamping Queens!

Vanessa & I started a stamping blog so that we could share our ideas with each other, and other stampers, and hopefully have other stampers share ideas with us. :) We're calling it Stamping Queens---don't be shy--let us know if you have ideas to post and we'll add you to the contributors! :) We've got some fun things planned for this blog.... so stay tuned!

2 brilliant comments:

Amylouwho said...

Shannon! This is so cool! You are seriously one talented chicka. I can't believe everything you do! I used a bunch of the cards you made me for thank yous for the baby gifts and I have gotten SO many compliments on them. You need to sign them on the back or something with your name so people knows whose behind the beauty!

I'm working on a diaper bag that you would love - well the fabric anyway - it's really just a boring bag, but the fabric makes it! Click on my profile and go to the blog listed there and scroll down a few posts. I still have to put the handle on, hopefully I'll get that done today!

miss you~

Jalinda said...

Very cool blog--Stamping Queen!!! What a great idea to share ideas and to show some of us less talented folk what you do. Very cute stuff! My friend Lindsay will be very excited to check out Stamping Queens. She loves scrapbooking and card making too.