Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hillary's Birthday

Last Saturday, the Wests gathered at Famous Dave's for a little B-day and BBQ!!! Not only does October have the best weather, but there are also so many birthdays that it's like a whole month of partying!! :)
From one end of the table....(Mom, Dad, Pop, Ally, Kyle, Hill's head).
And then from the other end...(Hill, Lance, Jeff, Courtney, moi & Mom)

Famous Dave's is one of my all time faves so the night was just fab!

And happy birthday TODAY to Vanessa & Lacey!! :) I hope you both had an amazing day!!

In other news, I missed Would You Rather Wednesday b/c I had a busy week and I'm outie tomorrow morning for a business never fear! It will be back next week for sure! In the interim, if you're aching to voice your opinion about something, check out Leah's would you rather--she does one every week too!

3 brilliant comments:

Jen, RN said...

Thanks for the heads up on would you rather wednesday-I was missing it-have fun on your business trip!

Leah said...

I feel so lost and alone because I am always so motivated by your WYR Wednesday but I will let you off the hook since you are traveling! Thanks for the plug, have a great time and I look forward to next Wednesday! :))

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the bday shout out!