Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book #2

Whoot woooooo! January is barely over and I've got book #2 under my belt. I finally finished Breaking Dawn.

It was like lifting a huge burden when I finished this book because I've been reading it for so long. I was already 150 pgs. into the book so I actually didn't read the entire thing this month. But since there are 750 pgs. total, I figure I can count it.

The story had some good moments--definitely liked it better than New Moon and Eclipse. I totally wish New Moon and Eclipse didn't exist and instead the story went straight from Twilight to this....and now there were still a couple more books left of the cool lives of vampires!!

Biggest annoyance: 250 of the most boring pages of my life reading about Bella pregnant and everyone just hovering over her. Blah that was torture!!!

Anyway that's about all I've been doing lately....I've been sick for a couple weeks but am better now. My Zoey turned 7 on Sunday (yikes! 7!!!) Other than that, I'm off to a regional this weekend: Fort Collins, Colorado!

4 brilliant comments:

Vanessa said...

I hated the pregnancy part almost as I hated the part in book two about the stupid Indian Reservation (or was that book 3??? They all just run together anymore).

Glad you FINALLY finished it. Good riddance.

Now onto the movies. As long as we go to the theater w/the Kettle Korn, I'll be good.

Shannon said...

You mean the 300 pages in New Moon w/out Edward? Or in Sina's words, the 300 pages we will never get back! And that's exactly what I said about the book in my goodreads review.

Kettle Korn mmmmmmmmm....

Stacey said...

Hahaha! You are so funny! I do agree with you, though, about Bella being pregnant. I was SOOO done with her being the damsel in distress and was so excited when she turned into a bad-A vampire. FINALLY! No more poor fragile Bella. That's why Breaking Dawn was my fav. ;)

Lisa said...

That book just annoyed me. I agree with you on the boring pages of Bella being pregnant. I kept asking "Can I skip a couple chapters because all that is happening is Bella's on the couch and Jacob's running the perimeter"

Not my favorite book.