Monday, February 25, 2008


Most Saturdays, I get to spend the day w/Hill and Zoey.....often Zoey will just call me in the mornings and want me to pick her up to "go to the mall and run errands." We usually eat at "Little Einsteins" (at least that's what she calls it) and go to a few other random places. One time we went to TJ Maxx and lunch and ran out of time for the mall and Zoe had a complete melt down! haha

This week Hill was snowboarding w/Zane (see her post about that if you're interested, complete w/video footage) so it was just me and Zoe out on the town. I definitely look forward to Saturdays now more than I ever have before! :)

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Vanessa said...

You are both so lucky to have each other! She will forever remember and cherish all the fun times you have together. It's so nice that you live so close that you can do that!

jaimey said...

Ok, "Little Einstein's" is so cute. And I love that you two are such buddies. :) I still can't believe how big she is getting!! This picture of her . . . seriously, when did she grow up?!

Paris Soul Mate said...

I wish I had had an auntie like you!! But, then again, I am certain I never was a niece quite like Zoey.

I finally saw Juno and can see why you love it so much, perfectly reflects at the end the amazing bond between women, whether it is mother-daughter or aunt-niece or sisters, nothing quite compares.

Paris Soul Mate said...

oops NOT Juno...Waitress!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! She is lucky to have such an awesome aunt! I love her colored hair in the pics!