Monday, March 3, 2008


Let me start off by saying WASN'T THAT FUN?!? It's such a blast when everyone comments so thank you everyone and feel free to add more to my Strange Attractions posting below if you'd like to. :)

Now about you ever feel like a song picks you? Well that happened to me this week....

One morning I happened upon an amazing song on VH1 (which is what channel my tv was left on after recording "Bret Michaels: Rock of Love", which btw gets better each week!). And when I rewound to see who was singing--it was Leona Lewis (you're listening to her right now).
The weird thing is that ever since Donna, my manager, returned from the UK last month, my coworkers have been passing around her CD and I've been secretly rolling my eyes b/c I don't like American Idol and haven't really liked any of the Idols other than Kelly Clarkson so of course I figured I wouldn't like English Idols. So this morning when I realized I was completely drawn in....only then to learn the song was by Leona Lewis--it was too much of a coincindence!

So I really think the music picked me! It's not every day that I hear a song for the first time and instantly love it--it's like the song is singing to my heart not my ears (ok that was cheesy--but it's still true!). So when this happens I've learned to embrace it immediately!

Here's a list of a few songs that have been this way for me and if you know what I'm talking about--feel free to comment….

**I Want it That Way, Backstreet Boys
**In My Arms, Erasure
**Silence, Sarah McLachlan
**Under Heaven's Skies, Collective Soul
**Lay All Your Love on Me, ABBA
**Here With Me, Dido
**I'll Be Waiting, Lenny Kravitz
**Hung Up, Madonna

And one last thing.....I realized that I'm not as good at my birthday tributes as I thought. :( Sorry Christy and Laurie!! You both know I didn't forget though. I'll figure out a way to make it up to you! ;)

I'm off to Tulsa in the morning (don't be jealous! ;)....

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Spockwingdiamond said...

I like the song but I could do without the Mariah Carey sound-a-like voice fluctuations. I do feel that away about Hung Up, I was in Vegas on the 215 and POW! If I remember the first time I heard the song then that's a sign for me. Two more: Cher Believe, we heard it in England in our lil rental car going to Bath I think - WHAT A COMEBACK FOR HER! And of course when I heard Fear at Sarah's first concert, I think I knew that song changed my life.

Shannon said...

Believe TOTALLY should've been on my list--i'll never forget the first time we heard it (we were in separate cars and just as we stopped i remember opening the doors and hearing that we were both hearing it!) Remembering the first time you hear a song is such a great indicator! Hill I always know I can count on you to confirm my weird postings! :)

Paris Soul Mate said...

Cher's Believe is one of my life changing songs! I was in Kiel, on my mission, walking through the mall to get out of the bitter cold for a brief moment and I just had to stop to listen- I looked at my companion and it was like neither of us would ever be the same!

Other songs that changed my life, and not necessarily the first time I heard them:
Sarah- Angel
Counting Crows- Anna Begins
Eagles- Desperado, it speaks something new to me every time I hear it-- it's like the scriptures in that way :)
U2- Stuck in a Moment (the first time I heard it I would have sworn to anyone I had heard it before, it was like I already knew the song and I finally discovered how great this Irish band really is!)
Bob Marley- Redemption Song

Vanessa said...

This is a hard one, i'm really going to have to think about it. Geez you one uppers, I like that you can remember what country you were in when you heard a song. Don't know if i can top that!

Spockwingdiamond said...

Yeah, we like to name drop.

3kidos said...

Shannon it is Shannon I am stocking you!!! Kidding! Okay so I am now on the cool list because I have a blog. Take care

Amber Sechrist said...

Shannon - you are the music in me! Ever since you gave me my first Alias mix CD, I've looked to you for musical direction. Thank you for guiding me once again. Truly inspirational!

Jen, RN said...

I have to say that Fear by Sarah McLachlan definitely speaks volumes to me, as well as Dancing Nancies by DMB. Music is great!

Anonymous said...

I will always remember the first time i heard "Siberia" by the BSB. It was on my radio alarm clock one Summer Logan morning--the day "Never Gone" was released the DJs were introducing different songs from the cd. It came on just as the beginning of the music started and my life was changed because I was teary-eyed by the time the song ended. But in my life, even if he's not constantly in my view, A.J. will NEVER really be GONE!
Lindsey--who else? :)

This and That at the Peterson's said...

Vanessa... you'll appreciate this... so I was sittin' in my house in G-ville (that's Grantsville for those of you not in the know) and Brandon pulled the craziest song off of Pandora. International Harvester by Craig something or other and my kids instantly loved it, which in turn means I instantly wanted to play it alot and loud so we could all get redneck crazy and do some real cow dancin'! See you don't even need to leave the country to enjoy a real piece of musical genius....

Shannon said...

excellent examples everyone! i love hearing what music is special to all ya'll. pop thanks for reminding me--one of the most important ones i missed was the first time i heard "Drowning" by our boys--it was live in concert in Boston and Caroline and I sneaked down to the front row as it started.....and I was speechless for days. AMAZING!