Monday, March 10, 2008


Tulsa was great...not a lot going on there but I had a blast at our event, being with co-workers and demonstrators, and just experiencing another adventure.

This was my first time to Oklahoma--so I can now check that one off the list. Plus the hotel was one of my faves (at least it was until I work up Sunday morning w/a real life bed bug!! haha).

Anyway not really a lot to I'm going to use a slideshow for the pics....can you tell which pics were taken while I was on stage? Be careful where you leave your camera!

5 brilliant comments:

Kade & Kendal's Mom said...

Love the red glasses...and so did everyone else that had their pic taken wearing them? Looks like fun!
Shane was there in Tulsa Thursday afternoon and flew out Friday weren't on his flight were you?

Vanessa said...

Shouldn't they have been riveted to your presentation rather then dinking around?? HAHAHA j/k. Looks like fun. And looks like you and Shelli are BFF! :)

Jen, RN said...

The red glasses are great! I heard the guacamole was amazing!

Lisa said...

Hey we weren't dinking around. We listened to ever word Shannon said. :) We actually had to hurry and take the pictures because she was walking off stage. I thought for sure we were caught. Good Times in Tulsa.

Heather said...

Cool slideshow! Looks like it was fun!