Monday, September 22, 2008

Black Saturday

On Saturday I received not one, but two pieces of devastating I am not talking about the stock market. Even though that news is sad, what I have to share is MUCH worse....

So here's bad news bears #1: M@ informed me that my beloved Xanadu is closing doors in October!!!!! You may remember that I went to Xanadu last September. Here's a pic of me and Amanda on our way into my favorite broadway experience to date. I got to sit on the stage and well, it was just the most unbelievable experience!!

And to make matters just absolutely the worst, I am going to NYC this November and we purchased tickets back in July!!!! Can you believe that?

I don't want a refund!!! I want to see this up close and personal again!
Not to mention the roller skating......(sigh) so sad!!!

On to bit of bad news #2: You also may know that since June of 2007, I have been completely obsessed w/Snifters. They are these little green minty/chocolately candies produced in New Zealand. Emma introduced me to them when we were in Australia, and since then I've been having her import them whenever we get together. In fact, she brought me 22 bags to Convention one year! :)

So on Saturday, I got an email from Emma that Cadbury has halted production of these most delicious candies! How can this be???? But maybe all hope is not lost: Save the Snifter!!! Please visit that link and vote for saving the Snifter. If you haven't tried them, I will do all I can to get you some if they are indeed saved.

And that is what I call a sad & oh so very black Saturday! :(

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Palinista! said...

I can relate to item number 2, if cadbury cancelled malteasers well . . . I will try to help you save them.

I haven't fully processed the Xanadu cancellation yet, I'm not allowing myself to process those emotions (no sadness tonight please) at this point, uh oh, I feel a sugar binge coming on. I sense that that news is the reason for my muddy buddy binge, oh wait I made those before you gave me the news. Yeah, that's right, I made those to celebrate the end of my migraine. So I think I will process that sadness tomorrow night at Bucca while eating my spumoni. I mean crap luck the show is cancelled 5 minutes before I can get there to see it, oh poop on it!! yikes, push those feelings back down, back down, back down.

PS the stock market isn't open on Saturday.

Vanessa said...

WTF???????????????????? And thanks for informing me on your blog.

Paris Soul Mate said...

Tragic! I wont be able to get up there before October is through!!

Anonymous said...

oh cheyenne. why gotta make miss shannon so sad?

work it out, girl.


Palinista! said...

Yeah, my comment was a little weird must've been the sadness of the news I just wanted to rant.

Shannon said...

true...but of course I appreciated that i benefited from the sugar binge.

p.s. I just learned it is actually closing doors on Sunday! :( so sad!

Lisa said...

Oh Shannon I feel so bad for you. I know how much you love them both. Sad day indeed.

Jill said...

Yes! I heard that about Xanadu and will be in NY next week and am going to try and go ONE-LAST-TIME!