Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank You Jaron!

Dear Jaron:

I love my crown so much! It's my favorite colors blue and silver. I wear it to school every day. Thank you so much!



3 brilliant comments:

Mrs. Jack Sprat said...

Third most beautiful, behind that smile and those FAB earrings!!

Jaron said...

Well you sweet little thing, you are certainly welcome. You wear it well. And to school everyday? Priceless!!

Palinista! said...

She really does wear it everyday and she got in a fight over it cuz some little brat told her "it's not a real crown, my REAL crown has jewels" and she was pretty pissed about that . . . We had to stop the to school thing though cuz I had to fix it everyday from all the touching of the admirers. Thanks Jaron.

Peentz, nice background of chubs' messy high chair and my phone desk. I have many beautifully painted walls, no more pics featuring my clutter spot!!