Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the Week

Salad is gross. The only reason to have it really is because people frown upon eating ranch w/ a spoon like soup.

--Lindsey West

4 brilliant comments:

Vanessa said...

AMEN POP!!!!! and ahoy matey!

Anonymous said...

that is the picture you chose? it barely does me justice :) it's true though isn't it? most veggies just serve as the vehicle for my ranch!

Shannon said...

most veggies, and breads, and meats....lots of theens pop. i think you are onto somsing!

p.s. i thought that pic was so awesome of you! i even cropped myself and brother right out to give you center stage!

Jalinda said...

Brilliant quote! Savannah does eat ranch with her spoon or her finger and I do frown upon it. She has so much to learn. : )