Thursday, September 20, 2007


So yesterday, I took Jill to work (her car was in the shop and Caro has let me use her car every day--amazing freedom! :) Jill works at CNN and so I went in with her for a bit of a tour. She works in bookings for Wolf Blitzer (who commented that I was the first brunette Mormon that he'd ever met! haha). Jill's tour was amazing--mostly b/c of her commentary, of course! I also got to see Chris Carter again--who was instrumental in making one of my biggest dreams come true a few years ago! It was amazing to see him and to meet lots of Jill's other coworkers.

But the most amazing thing about the whole visit was seeing Jill in her perfect element! It makes me so happy to see her working in a place where she is not only fully appreciated, but where she can perfectly use all her skills and be in bliss all at the same time! It reminded me of Matt's blog entry last week--about passion. And it makes me smile to know that all Jill's hard work paid off and that she is truly in a wonderful place!

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Heather said...

I've missed you, Shannon! I'm glad your time away from the office has been good!

P.S. My, you are well connected! :-)