Thursday, September 20, 2007

Washingon DC

Monday afternoon, we drove from NYC to DC. I was reunited w/my fave restaurant for the best chips and salsa that ever were!! And Amanda and then hit several of the monuments. I love this city!! And it was great to get back in touch! I've been here almost 3 days now and have been doing some major R & R, watching Friday Night Lights and seeing friends. I'm staying w/Caroline and Jill Chappell lives close by. Both of their houses are soooooooo amazing and have really inspired me to want to get home and finish up my spare room--and really get things more in order. So that will be one of my October projects.

The weather here is so perfect--I don't know the temp but it feels like high 70s with a constant nice breeze. I LOVE the fall!!! This morning I went on a walk w/Jill all through these neighborhoods w/amazing old colonial type houses. I love old stuff! haha It felt so good to walk and talk and observe! I am excited even for today to just rest and read and hang out in this city that I love so much! More pictures to follow....

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