Thursday, September 20, 2007

Heaven on Wheels in NYC!

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So after Philly, Amanda, Matt & I drove up to NYC. Amanda and I stayed at the also swanky (two swankies in one weekend!) Hudson hotel--so awesome. I put a link there so you can go check it out. We found it on priceline the day before. WOW I really couldn't believe what I was seeing--from the unmarked exterior to the men lounging in the "Private Park." Quite a sight!

The highlight of the trip was XANADU!!!! It's been on Broadway for a couple months now and it was truly HEAVEN ON WHEELS!! The coolest part is they have about 30 or so seats that are ON STAGE!! And as luck would have it, I got one!! This was definitely my favorite broadway experience thus far!! To be up close and see EVERYTHING was unbelievable!! The entire ceiling was filled with disco balls and they were skating on stage in different formations, wearing purple and sequins! I DIED. Not only did I buy a t-shirt, but I also found a new member of my top ten list: Cheyenne Jackson! Yum! I wish wish wish I could've take pics inside, but alas it was not allowed. However, here's a pre-Xani one of me and Amanda and Kira, the Greek muse.....and one of me just post-Xani when I was still in complete disbelief of the amazing showI just experienced!

We also went to this wow restaurant called VYNL. It was so delish, so fun, AND we saw Anne Hathaway! Matt's restaurant recommendations all weekend really were the icing on the cake. And in his own words, "He knows food!" haha Pic #3 is me, Amanda and Matt's friend Brandon who was in town on business but coincidentally lives less than a mile from me!

Monday morning, Matt went to an audition (see his blog for a full report of not only his audition but also his version of this trip) and me and Mandy went shopping! Then we rendevouzed for lunch at the Eatery, which is where we took this final pic. Obviously very happy people. :) And I'm trying out my best Alice Cullen imitation (gees get a tan already!). haha

NYC is soooooooo unbelievable. I just can't even explain what it was like to be back!!! There is always so much to do and see and watch and experience--I LOVE IT!

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Heather said...

How exciting you got to see Xanadu (sp?)! And on the stage?? Whoah. You are so adventurous! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your description of the trip! It was a pleasure to be there with you. THANK YOU!!!! :)


kristivon said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go to NY so bad!! You sat on stage? That's AWESOME!!!