Thursday, September 20, 2007


So last Friday and Saturday we had a regional seminar in Philly!!! Other than a few concerts, I'd never been to Philly so I was soooo excited!! The regional overall was probably my favorite one yet!! My presenting partners were Lori Olaveson & Jaron Winder and Amanda Romualdo got to go to this time!! This first pic is of the 4 of us on our way back to the hotel from Saturday's show. I loved the view as we were walking down this street--so fun and busy--with an amazing building right at the end (I think it's the city building). Plus in the next block you can see the exact spot where we decided we don't need no blood transfusion and we don't care what nobody says! (or at least that's what one wanderer said).

Plus Matt Anderson and Christy Banker came up from DC to check out Stampin' Up! and see what my job is all about. M@ has his extensive remarks and photos on his blog so check that out if you're interested....Here we are on the left--just doing what we do best--being weird! :)

Friday night, we went to one of the coolest restaurants I've ever been to: the Continental. It was way swanky and yummy!! Every table had cool seats and the ambiance was just so amazing! Plus the bathrooms!!! You could see in but the people inside couldn't see out! Instead they would sit and fix their hair, etc. and we could watch from the outside! Picture #3 is of Amanda & me at the Continental. You can see the submarine window behind us. :) And Pic #4 is an overall shot of the place (notice the swinging bamboo chairs on the upper level!).

Saturday night, Jaron, Christy, Matt and I walked to H&M, waited for Jaron to shop, then went to delicious Chili's. Pic #5 is of the 4 of us on our way back to the hotel. I still LOVE my self-portrait mode!! It always delivers!

So as you can see, all these people plus Philly made for a REALLY good time!!

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kristivon said...

I kinda miss going to regionals...thanks for posting so I can hear about it!