Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10

I have this weird yet yummy smell on my hands...from the most delish Bourbon BBQ hamburger! mmmm! Today was another wonderful day....

I had the morning to wander around a bit and I found this awesome little coffee shop where I had hot chocolate, breakfast and just sat and read for awhile.....such a cute place......and the view of Wichita from inside....

And the event today was wonderful, as usual. One of my favorite demos, Pam Bert, was there and so we snapped a quick pic after the show.
I always know it has been a good day when I'm exhausted at the end of it....tomorrow we fly home...bye bye Kansas! Thank you for being so hospitable. :)

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prbert66 said...

Shannon - It was so great to see you today. I'm so glad my dear friend Adrian Mondy talked me into making the two and a half hour drive to come to Wichita. I have so many new ideas and plans (hopefully I can follow through...hehe). Thanks so much for all that you do. Looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix.