Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3

Whew it's past bed time....only 6 hours until the taxi will be waiting for us to head to the airport. TODAY WAS AWESOME! With a few devastating moments but still mostly awesome. I encountered 104 reasons/reminders of why I love my job so much: DEMONSTRATORS! They are the best and the same everywhere, no matter what language they speak. :)
After our event today, we went to dinner and I asked my French translator what Pogo Chic Chic was (English menu, I still needed translating). Carrie Marcelin (one of SU!s Canadian employees said) oh they are kind of like corn dogs. Como what? Oui oui mademoiselle--I'll have that!

Mmmm delish! Bathing in BBQ sauce....

p.s. Luggage is still in Chicago--I will wave to it as I fly through tomorrow--at least I hope I fly through--I've been promised I have a seat but we shall see. Luggage has to go to Quebec before they can even try to return it to Utah. Fun, isn't it!

Au Revoir!

4 brilliant comments:

Vanessa said...

I like your pic a day. Here's hoping that your luggage arrives sometime soon after you get home!

Jeanelle said...

1. Like Vanessa, I love the pic a day! So fun.
2. Your dinner looks SO good!
3. So sad about your luggage - did you shop or what???

Maxine Conrad said...

That dinner looks YUCKY Shannon! :)
Hope your luggage arrives soon !

Cindy Major said...

haha, "pogo chic chic" - that's one fancy way to sell pogos! I'm trying to figure out at which restaurant you ate that?!

Ç'a été un plaisir de te voir! (It was a pleasure to see you!)