Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2

Yessssssss! We made it to Quebec City but sadly our luggage did not....has not....yet. It was a stressful day but we did manage to get a lovely dinner in the old city....and it was so lovely walking around! I only wish it were light so the pictures were more clear.
This next picture is in one of the beautiful streets--there were all these notes hanging in the air--it created sort of a faux ceiling which was beautiful. They were blowing in the wind and they had things written in them by children, in French of course so they all looked simply beautiful!

It was a stressful day followed by a magical evening of good food, scenery & company.

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Jen, RN said...

Shannon that place looks lovely! (a word I never use but seems to fit). I'm glad that you guys were still able to go on with the show even without your luggage-Lisa was worried about you guys :)

Cindy Major said...

I've been living in Quebec City for six years and never get sick of visiting the Old Quebec. It is so full of charm! I'm glad you had time to visit - it is definitely prettier than Sainte-Foy (where the hotel was).

I lived there during college - my school was at the end of the street where I *think* you took the second picture.