Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12

I had a good day at work today and then I rushed home to change, and headed to the ball park to watch my sisters play their last night of softball. Unfortunately they choked and lost the first game (booooo!) but the Little Girls and I stayed until the very end, in hopes that the rude team would lose.

No luck. :(

After all these years, the ballpark still feels like home however. We finally left around 11pm and mourned once again that Frontier Cafe burnt to the ground a decade ago. :( So we went to IHOP instead....
It was super gross but the company was the best!

And now I get to listen to the rain as I fall of my favorite things to do....

4 brilliant comments:

Hedderg said...

I am loving your picture a day in October!

Vanessa said...

I still think it is hilarious that you still call them the "little girls".

Have they convinced you to play next year?

Shannon said...

Thanks takes a lot less time than I thought it would :)

And I don't think I've actually been invited, V. We'll see...I don't have cleats or a glove anymore. Oh and look at them--they are little!

CIndy Major said...

Too bad your sister's team lost, but it looks like it was a fun evening nonetheless!

I still can't believe that "no gun" sign in Wichita. You would think it would go without saying!!

Cindy :)