Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11

Nearly every business in Wichita had this sign on their door....
No, I am not kidding! I'm not really sure why but I imagine that it comes from people going into restaurants, and putting their "heat" right on the table or something. Bizarre--don't you think?

Anyway when you have a 40 minute layover scheduled, it's pretty scary to board a plane even 5 minutes when we boarded 15 minutes late this morning, I was sure we were in for a long and horrible day.

Luckily, it turned into an ok day of regular travel....and when I got to my Rents' house, there were 2 awesome things waiting for me: 1) a hot dinner w/my family, and 2) the kids on the swings...

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Cindy Major said...

With such cute, contagious smiles, I can you not love those kids? :)