Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3 CDs and a Desert Island

At lunch today Shiloh asked us if we were stuck on a desert island for the rest of our lives, what 3 CDs would we want to have with us? After my initial shock of comtemplating a lifetime trapped in my own personal hell (hot + sand + no escape), I decided my three would be:
  1. Backstreet Boys: Chapter One
  2. Sarah McLachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
  3. Madonna: Immaculate Collection

And as with all games, I like to change the rules, so my runner-up would be:

4. Erasure: Cowboy

What I REALLY want to know is what each of you would choose!!!! Sooooo.....please leave a comment and tell me! This doesn't have to be your top 3 of all time--it can just be those three that are most important to you today. Or as my mom said tonight when I asked her the same question, the 3 CDs that feel like home (yes she really did say that).

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MAnderson said...

1. Marc Broussard: Carencro (don't judge...just listen...and you'll know......)

2. Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Miserables (I hear you judging)

3. my MIX CD of the music from Season 1 of Brothers & Sisters (Yes. It's THAT good....)


runner up: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack. (because I can, can can....)

Karah said...
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Anonymous said...

Shiloh said:

This is really hard to committ to, but I'm going to stick with what I told you yesterday:

1)No Doubt: Return of Saturn
2)The Killers: Hot Fuss
3)U2: All That You Can't Leave Behind

Alternate: Monster Ballads (the double disc set)

I also asked Casey, Kevin and Jim--here are their choices:

1)Rascal Flatts: Me & My Gang
2)Enya: Greatest Hits
3)311: Music

1)Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium
2)Sarah Mclauchlan: World on Fire
3)Now That's What I Call Christmas volume 2

1)Chris Cornell: Euphoria Morning
2)Sublime: 40 Oz. to Freedom
3)Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium

Karah said...

tim mcgraw and the dancehall doctors

genius loves company- ray charles

I can only think of two right now

Erica said...

1. Mae: The Everglow
2. Muse: Absolution
3. Joshua Radin: We Were Here

Alternates: Dashboard Confessional's MTV live album, Dave Matthews Band's Under the Table and Dreaming, Jimmy Eat World's Futures, anything by Radiohead

Jaron said...

This is EASY!
It would be:
1. Mariah Carey: Christmas ( I can hear the whistle blowing on the HOT TAMALE train now!)
2. Donny Osmond: This Is the Momment- Broadway tracks
3. AC/DC- Back in Black

These truly are my favorites in that order. Odd collection I know, but hello...they are my choices so buzz off :)

Erica said...

Dang it I thought of another one! Collective Soul's Dosage.

Anonymous said...

Amanda said-

this is cool to read everybody's choices! not sure on which albums I'd choose, but I'd need some Bob Marley, Beatles, and...I'll have to think on the last one.

Paris Soul Mate said...

Sometimes you hear an artist and you feel like somehow, they have reached in and touched your soul:
1. Counting Crows-August and Everythig After
2. Sarah-Mirrorball
3. U2- How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb

Runner up:
4.Bob Marley-Legend (and I hate that this is a "runner-up" because every time I listen to any track on that cd, I feel like I am home).

vanessa said...

Hard choice!

1. Donna Summer-On the radio (reminds me of cleaning the house with my mom when i was little)

2. New Kids on the Block-Hangin'Tough (Don't laugh If Shannon can have BSB, I can hold on to the great memories from 1990!)

3. And Mika, I'm loving that CD right now!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the following, and in this order!

1. Bon Jovi - Crossroads
2. the SYTYCD album (1) that Erica made
3. I Love the 80's! mix