Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is me with my friend Christina Elizabeth Banker. She told me tonight that I need to be more detailed in my posts. I guess I think that since I know all ya'll, all ya'll know each other too. So I will at least commit to sometimes being more detailed.

Christy was my roomie for 2 years in VA. I can give her most of the credit for making me not only a football fan, but also a reader because for years she gave me books--even though I wouldn't read them. But now I am and I do. We are going to write a book together someday b/c we decided that chick lit heroines don't have to be clumsy and airheaded to be interesting. Together we are funny enough to make a best seller!!! I'm sure she will think of some amazingly witty comment for this post so you can see what I am talking about. Oh plus, she likes pop culuture. Hmmm, that sentence was so matter-of-fact and unexplnatory---but there's really not room to properly explain so I'll just have to do so over time....

Anyway yesterday we had a baby party (really, why do they call them showers?) for Hill. So here is a pic of the little girls (photos by Zoey). You can see that they are no longer getting bigger, but instead are now getting smaller. Ally on Left, Pop on right. If you are wondering why there aren't any pics of Hill, it's b/c she threatened me if I even took one of her. So I'll have to get her up here after she has the baby (Aug 31--and yes he will probably be Chaz).

However, here is our newer set of the little girls: Zoey and Carmindy. HONESTLY!!! They are not sisters, but rather cousins (like that wasn't obvious since (a) they look nothing alike and (b) one is twins w/Zane and one is twins w/Mikey---next week I'll have to try to snap some photos of the boys but they don't like posing for hours like we girls do). As part of my effort to explain further, Zoey is also Delilah is also my Shadow. What does she do to deserve 3 names? How long do you have? Here's one reason--this picture included no coaching whatsoever!!! :)

I also saw Jill tonight--but as usual it was a huge party at her house w/all sorts of people around so I simply forgot to snap a photo!!! Maybe I will get to see her again before she leaves--she's been working on the mine story in Emery County. I really miss her and it was more than great to see her! Can't wait for my visit to DC in Sept!!!

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