Friday, August 3, 2007

Reporting from the hotel lobby.....

Emma, Emma#2 (Amanda) and I are sitting in the ghetto lobby...except this part of the lobby is semi-ghetto-fabulous. Weird, eh? (said w/a NZ accent, of course). We just got back from a bar and we still have heaps and heaps of stuff to discuss. But right now they are analyzing and....once again we are solving the world's problems. However this time it is the proper time of night for such discussions (2:30 am).

Today was so totally amazing!!!! So bittersweet to be over. Awards night was fab---Ryan Shupe and his Rubber Band performed again and were just as good as they were on Saturday. Once again they showed the cards that they made under my tutelage--in my class last Sat. :) (Go ME!!!! I am an awesome teacher)

Everybody goes home tomorrow morning, except me and Emma. We are spending the day around here then Leti is picking me up tomorrow afternoon. YAY!!!! I'm excited to spend the weekend w/ for now, I'll go to sleep thinking about my favorite Convention yet. Here's my convention top ten:

10. Somebody fancies me.

9. TITANIC (on land).....which now that it is the next day, this didn't happen, so instead I am changing it to good friends, old friends and new friends.....

8. My hot hair (can you tell my blog has been hijacked)

7. Snifters -- Emma brought me 22 bags!

6. Free nights!

5. Diet Coke at my disposal

4. Teaching

3. Awards nights & entertainment
2. Prize Patrol!!!

1. Otto & EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had one of those moments tonight.....where everything stopped and the world was perfect...right there in that moment. It really was amazing!!!

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