Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fabulous Weekend!

Christy and I have had the greatest weekend which included

  • Shopping, Buca and Stardust w/Hill
  • Delicious BBQ w/Caroline
  • Saturday morning Einsteins
  • Zane's first football game (with Hill, Jeff and several other Roses)
  • The Invasion of the body snatchers which might've been unenjoyable if it weren't for Daniel Craig
  • Christy losing 8 inches off her hair
  • Dinner w/the Allen's and the DeLuca's and Bryan Banker
  • Fantasizing about our next trip
  • An evening w/the Wests--which included the oldest 3 sweeties running around topless, motorcycle rides and Mikey injuring his foot. :(
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies....mmmmm
It's time to retire sad when visits come to an end. :(

1 brilliant comments:

MAnderson said...

Those cookies WERE good....oh wait....I didn't GET ANY because you wouldn't SEND ME SOME. and i wept. a little.