Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Brace yourself....

....the newest Backstreet Boys single has been "leaked" and is available all over YouTube. (Can we have a moment of silence for how amazing YouTube is!) Anyway it's "Inconsolable"--go listen!

Seriously who am I kidding thinking it won't be the same since Kevin left? Love the song, of course!!! Even love the Nick parts!! However, I can't understand why they always start off w/a ballad? Major flaw in the BSB formula if you ask me. MAJA! (Just as Posh would say).

Inconsolable release: August 26
Album release: October 30
Promotional Tour: October 30
Overseas tour: First of 2008
Big tour: Summer 2008

In other news, tonight when I was tucking Delilah in, she informed me that "I can't sleep w/out my eye mask so i HAVE to run get it downstairs!" :) Isn't she perfect?

P.S. Supahero moved out tonight. :( Now I am going to have to find some other sort of entertainment at home since I am losing him and my little sis. :( so sad!

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vanessa said...

don't forget the 4 hours we spent making bridal shower invites! They turned out great!