Friday, August 10, 2007

3 reasons why.... is absolutely critical to carry your passport with you at all times:

1. Just in case you can't find your driver's license

2. So Ukranian police don't throw you in jail


3. So you're prepared if Matt Damon appears and wants to whisk you away to Morocco at a moment's notice. :)

Saw the Bourne Ultimatum tonight with Angie & Shiloh. My traveling self LOVED it!! I'm already plotting trips to London, Morocco, NYC and even Rome (which wasn't in the movie!). It was unexpected and soooo good!

Pop is boxing up all her stuff right now--tomorrow is moving day. Even though she doesn't believe me, I am really sad she is leaving. Who's going to watch trashy TV with me now? And cut my hair? And let me borrow their clothes w/out asking? And restock the fridge with the dark bubblie? Clearly I need to go convince her to stay.....

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vanessa said...

totally hot pic of matt damon! i'll have to go see it just for him! sorry you are going to be alone.