Monday, October 15, 2007

Collective Soul Concert!

So last Tuesday, Carrie, Shiloh and I went to the Collective Soul Concert at Saltair. We met up there with Jaimey and Erica too. The concert was AMAZING!!!!!!! It was one of the best concerts I've been to! I really loved it sooooooo much and was reminded how much I love live music! Plus they played almost every song I wanted to hear...and it was great to go to a concert w/men for once, instead of screaming teenage girls. In fact, there was next to no screaming at all! The biggest challenge was trying to see over the 6'5" guy standing right in front of me. :)

Here's all of us after the concert. After several tries, we managed to get one photo w/everyone's eyes open. :)

L to R: Erica, Carrie, Shiloh, me and Jaimey's a little video of currently my fave song of theirs: Why, Pt. 2. I am hesitating a little as I post this b/c:
  1. It's way too long. Sorry, I don't know how to edit video. Please don't let this affect your love or future love or possible love forthem. :)
  2. Ed Roland is a total spaz and this video does not at all capture his cool side....nor does it capture his voice or how amazing he sounds live! and
  3. It don't think it really captures any of the magic of that were there. So I guess I am mostly posting it for me--to spark my memory of how truly amazing it was!!!!

7 brilliant comments:

Erica said...

Amen! That was amazing. What concert are we going to next?

Heather said...

Wow -- you are all so cute and look like you had a BLAST! Thank goodness for good friends, good music, and generally good things in life.

vanessa said...

Looks fun! And it looks like you had good seats!

Anonymous said...

sounds like it was fun! i'm glad you've found something to fill the backstreet void--or at least to help fill it.


jaimey said...

Such a good concert, I completely agree. And thanks to my beeline view of Dean, I can completely appreciate your affection for him! :)

Shannon said...

Yeah seriously--he's so hot! THAT HAIR! But I've got to talk to him about not wearing that vest anymore! haha

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that! Its my favorite CS tune. I can nenevr hear it enough LIVE!!