Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday!

Welcome to the first of many Top Ten Tuesdays. This one focuses on the most important top ten list: Male Celebrities.
10. Cheyenne Jackson: Either he's had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery or he's the 2nd most amazingly beautiful person i've seen in the flesh.......oh who really cares about plastic surgery anyway! :) Plus--he can roller skate!

9. Kyle Chandler: Coach Taylor...just might be the perfect man!
8. Dean Roland: That hair! Plus everybody needs at least one rock star on their list!

7. Henry Cavill: My original vision of Edward Cullen, thanks to Stephenie Meyers, and I still can't think of anyone who would be such a perfect choice.
6. Tom Brady: the ONLY reason he's not #1 is....I don't really like football.

5. Leo DiCaprio: Why is he on my top ten? A better question is why ISN'T he on yours!

4. Gerard Butler: the fact that he convinced me to see Lara Croft Tombraider (stupidest movie in the world) two nights in a row earned him this spot! And that was waaaaay before the leather speedo & cape!

3. Clive Owen: Have you seen Elizabeth? No further explanation needed....

2. Eric Bana: Talk dark and handsome? Check. Australian? Check. Owns the screen even in a movie w/brad pitt? Check.
1. Kevin Richardson: I'm not sure what will bump him from this spot....so far nothing can.
Make sure to tell me which one is your favorite. :)

10 brilliant comments:

jaimey said...

Shannon, holy cow, Cheyenne Jackson!! How have I not known he existed??! He is gorgeous! And I completely agree with you that every top ten needs a rock star. I'm going to have think on that one and figure out who I can swap into mine . . . You definitely have the brooding, smoldering, rugged theme going on in your list. All your men are so . . . manly! Thank you for that, Shannon! :) And thank you for introducing the idea of a top ten into my life. I am forever changed. :)

Paris Soul Mate said...

I seriously haven't heard of half of those people--but DAMN!

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

This is my first visit to "Life With Shannon" but I have to say it looks pretty darn fun - and from this post, pretty damn hot! I'll be back for more from now on!

HRT said...

Amen on Kyle Chandler and Leonardo DiCaprio!

Anonymous said...

leo and eric.


Vanessa said...

Cheyenne and Tom Brady. I mean you must be hot if you dump Bridget Moynahan while she is pregnant for Gisele the supermodel. Who else could score her? (besides Leo of course!)

MAnderson said...

um....i'll take a 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10, please.

and thanks.

This and That at the Peterson's said...

Clive Owen, gulp, I'm just happy that this man was born. The movie world is better because of him :)

Kade & Kendal's Mom said...

Tom Brady...very good reason to become a football fan!

kristivon said...

I agree with you on #7... :)