Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Friday!

In honor of my new favorite show, I'm posting this little gem of a picture. I've got it on my computer background--it's absolutely perfect!! So feel free to download it and do the same. (And a special thanks to Amber Sechrist for making this photo possible....the biggest thanks for all goes to Matt for making the entire obsession a reality!!! :)

Is anyone else excited for the premiere tonight? I honestly can't wait!!

5 brilliant comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Coach Taylor. Tim Riggins. What can I say?


Paris Soul Mate said...

Can we get a predictions for episode one started:
1. What is going to happen with Riggins and Big Mama? I would personally like to see that story line fade away.
2. Will Coach Taylor take the job at TMU? If he does, will that mean less screen time with him and the Mrs.? A tragedy of modern small screen cinema in my book!
3. Will Season 2 pick up with football season beginning or where season 1 left off?
4. Tyra and BFF?
5. Landry, will Tyra ever throw him a bone?


MAnderson said...

Here's my thoughts...I've SEEN the premiere and ALL I'm going to say is get ready to have your FNL's world ROCKED! To the very CORE! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! I'm STILL reeling...and can't wait to watch it again!

Oh and're welcome.

vanessa said...

I love the new background! It's totally you! I Tivo'd FNL, but i haven't watched season 1. I'll need to rent it or catch it on Bravo when they replay it (Laurie said they had a season 1 marathon today!)

HRT said...

Shannon - Hiya! Hope you remember me (Heidi - Langley Ward). Anyway, I have really wanted to get into this show and I just need to rent Season One. Now I am really motivated!