Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last weekend I attended our Regional Seminar in Portland, Oregon. There were lots of great things that transpired from this amazing are a few:

  • Two new jackets from a 2nd hand store for $12 each!!!
  • Bonding time w/Linda, Lori and Lisa
  • Delicious fish and chips!
  • Demonstrators!! I love them and love being in a room full of them. The energy and happiness I feel is really unexplainable!
  • Powell Book Store--a full block w/4 or 5 stories of books!
  • Lots of Krakow amazing I just can't wait to go!
  • Free time to read Eclipse--I'm actually over 1/2 way finished now--but I'm still waiting for something exciting to happen....

Pic to the right is Me, Lisa Pope & Linda Hansen on the shuttle to downtown Portland.

Hey don't you think we should all do our top ten lists on our blogs?? I'm prepping mine and am planning to post it in the next week!!! Are you up for it?? If you don't have a blog yet, this is the perfect reason to start!! (and if you don't have a top ten, a top 3 or even 1 will do!!)

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Paris Soul Mate said...

Top Ten what? Hollywood Men, is there any other than needs explanation, I hope not.
I have to admit, my number 1 has changed dramatically, but I feel really, really good about it, and I think it is the most honest reflection since I had to find a replacement two years ago--damn him and his Scientology ways! (Sigh)

Shall we post on Top Ten Tuesday! :):)

Erica said...

I assume you mean men- is it okay if they are not in any particular order? I'm sure I have ten I like but not certain ones over the others.

Don't worry, something exciting WILL happen in Eclipse.

Laura Howard said...

When are the regionals coming to the Northeast again....I missed Philly?

Paris Soul Mate said...

As a complete stranger might I encourage you to take the challenge and put them in a proper order. You will be happy you did!! And you can change it at any time--totally non-binding (so it takes the stress off). Plus you really must have a true number one.

I mean, that is just my opinion! Clearly, I haven't thought much about it :):)

Shannon said...

Top Ten Tuesday it is!!! yes i'm excited! i've gotta start looking for pictures. :)

And Erica--you can put them in any order, no worries. But you might find that you want to put them in order once you get going. :)

Can't wait to see your new list, Sina! It's like getting a present from you or something--that's how excited I am! :)

MAnderson said...

Please know, and I think you understand, I simply can't take part in Top Ten ANYTHING....because it stresses me out.

But I gladly support and will read YOUR Top Ten Tuesdays.

Shannon said...

Matt I would think you could come up w/something in the category that would have us all in stitches!! Do try....or do at least enjoy reading ours. :)

Heather said...

I love the new look of your blog! You keep things so fun and exciting!

P.S. I love hearing about how fun your trips are. You're the best!

Paris Soul Mate said...

How did I never know a top ten list stressed Matt out?!?!

jaimey said...

I'm completely in, Shannon. I'm a big fan of Top Ten Tuesday, and a top ten of my men will be a great excuse to start searching for some pictures. :) Yay! :)

kristivon said...

I've always wanted to go to that bookstore in Portland. I saw it on a travel show and it looked massive. :) And Portland is the perfect place to be reading Eclipse!