Monday, October 29, 2007


Last week, we (me, Hill, Zoey, Pop, Vanessa, Leann & Aubrey) went to Thriller. Thriller is the Halloween show that the Odyssey Dance Company puts on each year. It was good times for sure! Lots of spooky dances--even one w/Vampires! :)

Before and after the show, several of the dancers were walking around like zombies--w/cool makeup and old dresses. The funniest moment of the night was when Vanessa pointed out that one of them had her old A'Cappella dress on! And as we left---there she was, "dead" on the stairs of Kingbury Hall.

So...I snapped this pic of her and Zoey and Pop. Zoey was so funny b/c she wasn't even scared a bit and made me return at one point to wave bye to one of the zombies. :) It was a fun night!!

2 brilliant comments:

Vanessa said...

Hurray! Glad you go a pic of the ugliest dress in the world! I think ours were a little more teal now that I think about it, but the same exact style. Aubrey is still recovering from all the zombies, she sleeps with her lamp on. Oh well, she loved the dancing and so did I!

kristivon said...

I've always wondered about that show. Good to hear a description!